IL RE apartment

availability: Settembre/Dicembre

IL RE apartment

The best location in Trapani. The view on the statue of the King of Italy and the sea. 1 double. 1 small kitchen. 1 bathroom. 1 living room.  Just 50 m from the beach and 10 minutes' walk from the old town.

Calendario pulizie incluse

Tutti i mercoledì mattina


  • Light cleaning in the living areas. 

  • Cleaning the bathrooms.

  • Cleaning the kitchen.

  • Washing and drying dishes.

  • Changing bed linens.

  • Removing garbage.

  • Restocking personal items.

  • General tidying of the rooms. 


  • Washing, folding and ironing clothes.

  • Preparing meals for the family. 

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